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Start with Business Modeling



Target Group Bachelor students (B.Sc.)
Course Type  Lecture, advanced seminar
Cycle Summer term
Hours per week  2 (lecture), 2 (advanced seminar)
Grading Seminar paper and presentation
Credits 6 ECTS 
Time/Room See LSF

Course overview 

This is a compulsory course for business administration (BWL, B.Sc.) and Human Resource Education & Management (Wipäd, B.Sc.) bachelor students.

Students will work in small teams to develop holistic business models for collaborating start-ups. The theoretical foundations for developing a business model with the "Business Model Canvas" tool will be covered in seven plenary lectures. As part of the course, students will also develop a range of soft skills, for example, related to presentation skills. Each team will be supported by a supervisor and a trained mentor from the LMU Munich School of Management who will help with the development of a Business Model Canvas report and the presentation of the results.

The course language is English. In addition, the Business Model Canvas report must be prepared in English. Please note that "START with Business Modelling 2022" is schedules as an in-class course. For further information on the course, admission, and scheduling, please refer to the Institute of Human Resource Education & Management (Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik, IWP)