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Science meets Practice – Case Studies in Marketing

Susanne Adler



Target Group Master students (M.Sc.)
Course Type  Seminar, advanced seminar
Cycle Summer term 2022 
Hours per week  2 (seminar), 2 ( advanced seminar)
Grading Seminar paper and presentation
Credits 6 ECTS 
Time/Room See LSF for seminar and advanced seminar

Course overview and structure

Marketing is an applied research discipline aimed at answering companies’ every day, real-world problems. In this seminar, we collaborate with companies facing marketing-related challenges in terms of, for example, market positioning, brand management, and customer journey design.

In the seminar, students will work in groups of two to three on a pre-defined real-life marketing problem, usually in close cooperation with a company. Students will gain practical knowledge of how to define a specific marketing problem and how to apply appropriate marketing tools and measures. In addition, students will learn how to present and defend their results. The group work will be conducted in close cooperation with the company, while the institute staff will supervise them. You can find the specific topics here.

Students who apply for the seminar should have an interest in the practical application of their marketing knowledge (please see the next section for details).



• The course language is generally English, but some topics may be given in German.
• All of the course sessions are mandatory.
• The number of participants is limited to 12
• By attending the kickoff session, students automatically register for the seminar. Please note that the registration is binding!

Admission requirements

Students wanting to attend the seminar must be enrolled for either the second or a higher semester of the BWL Master (PStO 2018) and need to apply for a place at the seminar.

To apply for a place at the seminar please send the application form, with all required documents as indicated in the form (i.e., CV and transcript of records) by April 4, 2022 (please also see important dates and deadlines). Please contact Susanne Adler ( if you have any additional questions.

Important dates and deadlines

• Application deadline: April 4, 2022 (please also see Admission requirements).
• You will receive a decision on your application (accept or waiting list) and your topic by: April 11, 2022.
• At the latest, please confirm your participation three working days after receiving the acceptance notice. Failure to do so, will mean that we will make your place available to another student.
• Kickoff session: May 3, 2022, 6 to 8 p.m. (Ludwigstr. 28, RG, 024)
• Final presentations: July 27, 2022, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Ludwigstr. 28, VG, 211b)
• Submission of seminar paper: July 19, 2022 to the specific supervisor and cc to Susanne Adler (
• Submission of presentation document(s): July 26, 2022, 9 a.m.


The grading includes a seminar paper and a presentation. Please find the relevant guidelines for your seminar paper’s form and presentation here.