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Convincing Stakeholders


Target Group Master students (M.Sc.)
Course Type  Lecture, tutorial (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Tuschke and Prof. Dr. Schwaiger)
Cycle Winter term 
Hours per week  2 (lecture), 4 (tutorial)
Grading Written exam (150 minutes)
Credits 9 ECTS in WP5 (Fachspezifische Grundlagen: Marketing & Strategy) - PSTO 2018
Time/Room See LSF for lecture and tutorial
Contact Person Susanne Adler


Course Overview

This course seeks to improve students’ understanding of management communications on both a corporate and an individual level. The course is held in collaboration with the Institute of Strategic Management (Prof. Dr. Tuschke) and the Institute for Market-based Management (Prof. Dr. Schwaiger). Each institute emphasizes different subject areas.
The Institute for Marketing will highlight consumers’ role as a company’s key stakeholders, and focus on the determinants of consumer behavior. Special attention will be paid to the relationship between consumers and companies, as well as to communication tools and contextual factors that influence consumers’ decision-making. Students will gain a broad theoretical knowledge of psychological concepts and models that explain consumer behavior. The theoretical contents are presented with hands-on examples and exercises that allow the students to develop a broad range of consumer-centered communication methods, as well as to independently and critically reflect on the course contents and on how practitioners communicate with consumers.

The course language is English.