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New study on COVID-19


How did students cope with the sudden COVID-19-induced transition from a physical university life to a virtual one? Our research shows that their use of social media helped them to maintain social ties that provided emotional empathy, social support, and confidence. Social media also strengthened their integration and support within their communities. Jointly, these effects increased students’ perceived social support, helping them to cope with the transition process. The paper “Digital socialligators? Social Media-Induced Perceived Support During the Transition to the COVID-19 lockdown” is joint research work by Dan-Andrei Sitar-Taut, Daniel Mican (Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj, Romania), Lena Frömbling (Hamburg University of Technology), and Marko Sarstedt (LMU) and has just been published in Social Science Computer Review.

Check out the full paper at: