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Convincing Stakeholders

Betreuung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anton Meyer; Dr. Christine Auer, Christoph Rutka, M.Sc.; Sprache: Englisch


Target Group Master students (M.Sc.)
Course type Lecture, Tutorial (in cooperation with: Prof. Dr. Schwaiger, Prof. Dr. Tuschke)
Cycle Winter term
Hours per week 2 (Lecture), 4 (Tutorial)
Grading Written exam
Credits: 9 in P2 (Fachspezifische Grundlagen)
Time/ Room See LSF
Contact Person Christoph Rutka, M.Sc.

Course Description:

The course deals with current issues and developments in stakeholder management. Offering three different perspectives on the stakeholder topic, the course is held jointly by the Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Strategic Management (Prof. Tuschke) and the Institute of Market-based Management (Prof. Schwaiger). An additional tutorial will be held to deepen the subjects outlined in the lecture.

Content of teaching: Changing values and global economic activities necessitate the concrete formation of relationship-, brand- and product-values as well as an effective communication both on a personal and a company level. On the company level, it will be examined which central values are relevant and how companies use corporate communications in order to achieve a competitive advantage. On an individual level, the focus will be on general business negotiation issues, and their solutions will be made available with the help of a broad range of negotiation techniques.

Target of teaching: Primarily, the students should gain a broad understanding of the three value creating pillars of marketing and their determinants as well as company and personal communication. They should further understand how companies achieve competitive advantages with the help of the central value drivers and communication methods and how they can acquire an extensive collection of personal negotiation strategies.

Main Objectives:

Lecture (part 1):

Introduction: From the shareholder focus to a broader understanding– the stakeholder view of the corporation

Tutorial (part 2):

Customer Management


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