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Seminar: Service Management

Dr. Silke Bartsch; Sprache: Englisch


Target Group Master students (M.Sc.) / doctoral students (MBR)
Please notice: This lecture applies to Master of Science and MBR students. Exchange students are allowed to attend this course if their exchange refers to the Master of Science program.
Type Proseminar and Seminar
Cycle Summer terms
Hours per Week 4 SWS blocked
Grading Presentation and Seminar Thesis
Further details will soon be uploaded.
Credits 6 ECTS
PO 2015: Marketing & Strategy II
PO 2018: Marketing & Strategy II/III/IV or Wahlpool „Advanced Elective Topics in Business Administration (Theory) I-IV”
Prerequisites The successful attendance of the course “Convincing Stakeholders” as well as basic knowledge in Strategic Marketing is recommended.
Registration Number of participants is limited, registration requirements see LSF
Time / Room See LSF
Contact Person: Dr. Silke Bartsch

Course Description

Many countries have shifted to service-based economies. Thus, the importance of services and service companies has grown. Therefore, the lecture discusses the peculiarities of services from a theoretical as well as practical perspective. Recent research findings are also introduced.


  1. Introduction – Understanding Services
  2. Designing and Managing Services
  3. Managing Service Quality

Main Objectives:
  • Understand the unique aspects of services marketing and management
  • Learn about key challenges in service management (e.g. managing the service encounter)
  • Gain insights into strategies and tools addressing the challenges of services management
  • Be aware of the importance of service and how service can be a source of competitive advantage – not only for service businesses (“servitization”)
  • Discuss the key issues in managing service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Appreciate the role of employees (and often customers) in service delivery

  1. Lectures, Guest Lectures and Discussion
  2. Obligatory and Recommended Readings
  3. Presentation and Seminar Thesis


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